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Why Shadow Trailers is your best choice.


From our extended front tongue, and Drop axles to our inset LED lighting and high gloss powder coat finish. One thing is clear at Shadow; we pride ourselves in offering the best custom trailers, parts and service in the industry. We are progressive.  If there’s a better way of doing something – and there always is – we’re on top of it.


For decades, the Shadow has been instantly recognized not only for its iconic design, but for it’s quality and dependability on the road and when launching your boat or watercraft. Powerful, strong and impressive, Shadow will remain America’s #1 Custom Built Trailer.


Our goal behind the design process, goes far beyond appearance. Our team strives to achieve a trailer that not only looks, but also feels, and tows like no other trailer on the road.


What starts out as a breakthrough, often becomes the norm for every trailer on the road. Shadow Trailers has a history of making history. Since our very first trailer, Shadow has set the standard, for what all trailers might one day become.


From expanding our 2×4 in frame to a 2×5 in frame, upgrading from incandescent to LED lighting as a Standard Feature, to countless innovations in trailer protection and accident avoidance. This “safety comes first” type attitude we keep here at Shadow often sets the pace, in which all trailer manufacturer’s eventually follow.


From tire mounting, and balancing to axle maintenance and custom paint, our service department is ready to handle your trailer service & repairs. We also do overhauls, lighting and wiring, as well as accident repair.


Shadow Industries, pride ourselves in offering the best trailers, parts and service in the industry. We are progressive.  If there’s a better way of doing something – and there always is – we’re on top of it.

Every day, our team here at Shadow, strives for excellence, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. Just give us a call, we want to be your trailer hub for parts, service, and repair.


  • An extended front tongue allows doors to swing open and tail-gates to flip down, while also providing space for a better turning radius.
  • Drop axles are excellent for foolproof loading, and unloading your boat, watercraft or vehicle.
  • Inset submersible high quality LED lighting, adding to the curbside appeal of the trailer.
  • Our spare tire location is userfriendly, and always easy to access.
  • Our high-gloss powder coat creates an ultra-smooth and glass like finish. This finish is extremely durable, and provides excellent corrosion protection.
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